Ordering a Doctoral Thesis Online: Safe Recommendations

If you have the need to get ahold of someone else’s thesis for the sake of interest or citation in your own work, you might be faced with a few difficulties at the number of options at first. Here are three different ways you can get that thesis quickly and without a hassle.

  1. Check the University website first
  2. Not all, but most universities have a full list of the theses that they have published on their website. For example, Harvard has most full text dissertations from as early as 1952, scanned into pdf and located on their online database. Of course, you need to make an account to get to the online database, but most universities will be happy to sell a subscription for what might be possibly cheaper than buying a dissertation by itself, given how much more you receive and how little time you need the thesis itself.

  3. You can also check your own university’s database
  4. You’d be surprised, but doctoral theses and dissertations tend to get around. A certain high school history teacher once regretted writing his doctoral thesis on an irrelevant city in what is now the eastern part of Germany, until a student reported back to him that a copy of his thesis sat in that city’s library. The point is that, if the thesis you are looking for is of any value, it may already be in your school’s database. Furthermore, if it’s your school’s dissertation, they may even have the physical copy on campus. Most university libraries will let you just walk in and look in their library for free, so don’t be afraid to drive fifteen minutes to the university home of your thesis of choice to see it in person.

  5. You can order it online
  6. If you’re confused as to why the Google results bring up humongously different price results, it’s because some sites are offering a different product. It is easy to confuse the diction, but some sites are offering writers to write dissertations or doctoral theses for students, not simply send a pdf of an already written one to the student’s email. With the remaining websites, check to see if they have a service to help you find a dissertation through your school’s subscription first. This service will be immensely helpful and will likely save both you and the company you’re ordering from time and money.