How to finish PhD dissertation in 50 days: complete guide

If you are stressing about your PhD dissertation, than you should stop right now. You still have 50 days to finish it and that’s more than enough, if you ask us. Some students managed to finish it in even less time. So you don’t have to panic. You just have to know the right tips and strategy.

That’s where we can help you. We can give you a complete guide to finish the dissertation in 50 days. It’s easier than you think, believe us!

Avoid the stress

Every student faces stress when it comes to the assignments. But the worst thing you can do, is to stay in this state and panic. You should avoid it by simply having some breaks. We know that you may think that you should work a lot in order to finish it on time, but working 24/7 won’t bring excellent results. You have to find some balance and organize yourself in order to finish it the right way.


This is the part where you have to concentrate on the right sources and information. The first thing you should do before writing, is research of course. Make sure to spend some time on that and take notes. It will save a lot of time later.

The draft

If you just write one version of the paper, it is very possible that you won’t be that satisfied. A draft can help you a lot. When you think that you have done the research well and when you’re satisfied with the outline, make a draft. Just start writing and try to follow the guidelines you set for yourself. In order to really respond to the topic, you have to edit and check. The best way to do that is to have a draft you can analyze. When you are finished you can see where you would want a change or correction. Re-read the paper several times and see if you should make changes. After that, you are ready to write the final version, which won’t take that much time, since you have everything ready. You have the data, the outline and a draft. This is enough to compose an excellent paper and it won’t take much time. Always remember that if you still won't be able to finish your work in time, there ar plenty of services that can help you with that. Just check out