General Tips For Composing An Ancient History Dissertation

Certain things you need to keep in your mind while you prepare the History dissertation for last year. First of all you have written an essay of 9000 word and it will reflect your hold on the subject matter. Secondly you need sufficient time to understand the topic, suitable approach to adopt, sources and the frame in which you make structure dissertation. It is very important because it shows your depth of knowledge and also the way you think regarding the subject matter.

Research on dissertation

Once you decide a topic and appropriate approach in your dissertation then your supervisor will guide you. You have to keep in mind that there is involvement of both the materials secondary and primary.

Secondary, these sources are meant to be published in the journal articles, collection of essays and so on. This will help you in your research to frame introduction, research questions and conclusion. Your topic is a significant part in dissertation. Therefore it is vital and it will come from the secondary literature.

The primary issue

Primary, this source material is different. While researching your paper you may look for a set of them relating to your subject. In History module you may have got examples somewhere. The sources of primary materials are correspondence, memoirs, parliamentary papers, newspapers, records of archival related to institutions and organizations, religious tracts and previous modern political, literary texts, existing medical texts. Moreover it is also found in the material of visual source like photographs, interviews and paintings etc.

You will come in contact with the oral history by carrying out interviews. Those interviews which are transcribed and recorded are considered to be the primary resource. Thus you create your own archive. You should take permission from the concerned person that whether he or she is ready to give consent to record the interview.

Ask your supervisor

You should also make sure that the particular person will not mind to enter his name in the dissertation. You must be aware of these things before start to write. It becomes controversial in some cases as these are very sensitive issues. My Dissertation Team is ready to help you, if you're in trouble.

In such cases where you have already caught in the trap and facing this kind of problem then it is better to consult with your supervisor. Good and better results always come out through discussion and your supervisor must have seen such situations or faced. This website can assist you in the job in the absence of your supervisor.