Help me find catchy topics for my dissertation

A catchy topic for a dissertation will make your research and writing interesting. This means you need to think about available sources that offer unique insight about your subject. You can do a few exercises and take some notes along the way to help you get a potential list started. In the meantime, the following ideas and suggestions can offer hints on what you can do to find a catchy topic for your dissertation.

Use Creative Brainstorming Methods

There are different ways you can brainstorm ideas for your dissertation. You can do the most common method including making a list of ideas that pop up in your head. You can have a brainstorming session by yourself or with other colleagues. Upon completing your session you can exchange and share ideas. You can also use what some call a bubble method for ideas. You have a general idea at the center of the page. You draw a circle around it and have lines drawn from the center out in different directions. You then write down what comes to mind based on your first idea. Then you keep going.

Get Suggestions from People You Know

Your dissertation subject matter is likely an area that affects others in some way, shape or form. This means you can talk to people directly related to your issue for insight. This can be anyone from people who work in the field, to other college students that attend different schools. Be open when considering who you talk to and have some questions lined up to ask. You can go to the library and do some independent research on where to go in your community when considering experts or professionals.

What Ideas Can You Get from Media Sources?

Media sources often have all sorts of ideas you can use for academic writing. It is a matter of realizing which sources will provide the right information. You can use newspapers, local and national media websites and even social networking sites for hints. Newspapers may offer insight on something going on in your community related to your subject matter. News media websites offer insight on what is going on with regular updates. You can also review stories archived in blogs.

What about the radio or television? There are radio stations that feature talk shows discussing important issues you may be interested in writing about. You can get a list of local stations online based on where you live. With television, you may have ideas on which channels offer coverage for your subject matter. You may find a television show that offers background information useful for a possible dissertation topic.

Developing a Slant or Different Angle of Interest Can Help

An important element to remember when developing catchy topics is being able to share it from a unique perspective. Think about written content produced by newspapers, magazines and news media over the internet. They each provide news on similar subjects but have a way of doing it differently. Think about possible techniques these sources use to help them make their content different from rivals.

Think about what you would like to write about and how you can present your findings differently. You can find sample dissertations or read previously written projects for inspiration. You may need to think about the writing process and what your dissertation is required to have to help you choose something suitable. Good resources can help you find a catchy topic, but make sure you can write your paper in an efficient manner with credible content.